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Technivorm Moccamaster

Technivorm Moccamaster Stainless Steel Brushed Silver KB 10-cup Coffee Maker

Technivorm Moccamaster Stainless Steel Brushed Silver KB 10-cup Coffee Maker


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Product Overview

  • Technivorm Moccamaster KB Coffee Maker
  • Brushed Silver color
  • 10-cup glass carafe
  • Brews full carafe in 4-6 minutes
  • Copper boiling element rapidly heats water to brewing temperature of 196 degrees F - 205 degrees F
  • Automatically shuts off when water reservoir is empty
  • Hot plate holds temperature between 175-185 degrees F
  • Brewed to the golden cup standard
  • Manufacturer's 5 year warranty
  • Hand wash recommended


  • Metal


6-1/2" L x 12-3/4" W x 14" H, with a 40 ounce capacity

Product Origin

  • Netherlands

Full Product Description

Brew a delicious pot of your favorite roast in just four to six minutes with the KB coffee maker from Moccamaster. The manual-adjust stop on the KB’s brew basket allows you to control the brewing speed or stop it entirely as it flows into the carafe, making this brewer is a good option for those who like to be more hands-on with their coffee brewing process and don’t consistently brew a full carafe every day. With a copper boiling element that rapidly heats water to a brewing temperature of 196-205 degrees Fahrenheit and automatically shuts off when the water reservoir is empty, this brewer ensures that each pot is brewed to the golden cup standard. The boiling action moves the water up the glass tube, where it flows into the outlet arm and pulses over the brew basket, blooming the coffee grounds in a manual pour-over style. With the cone-shaped brew basket that steeps the coffee grounds, the coffee's full flavor is extracted, maximizing its complexity, taste, and aroma. After brewing is complete, the hi-lo hotplate switch allows you to control your holding temperature within the range of 175-185 degrees Fahrenheit. The brewer’s power switch and hotplate automatically shut off after 100 minutes for added safety and convenience. In addition, all Moccamaster coffee brewers are handmade at the Technivorm factory in the Netherlands and are backed by a manufacturer's five year warranty.

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