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Riedel Swirl Stemless 13.375 Ounce White Wine Glass, Set of 2

Riedel Swirl Stemless 13.375 Ounce White Wine Glass, Set of 2


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Product Overview

  • Riedel Swirl 2 Piece Stemless White Wine Glass Set
  • Made from non-leaded crystal
  • Designed ripples and grooves improve swirling aeration
  • Essentially aerates itself; only slight motion needed
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Non-Leaded Crystal


4" H, 13-3/8 ounce capacity

Care Instructions

Dishwasher Safe

Product Origin

  • Germany

Full Product Description

Subtle grooves and a rippled shape makes Riedel's Swirl collection ideal for getting the most from your wine. An important part of wine enjoyment, swirling helps to open up and aerate the wine, releasing all the aromas and flavors that the wine has to offer. With just a slight movement of your hand, the wine is effortlessly opened and aerated, without the repetitive, desperate swishing you're used to, and the non-leaded crystal it is made of bespeaks its quality. Every wine, young or old, red or white, can be improved the Riedel way; the right way.
Nobody knows Wine like Riedel. From stemware to decanters, Riedel crystal is prized for it's quality and the way it enhances the enjoyment of fine beverages.

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