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Riedel Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloth with Bottle Cleaner Beads

Riedel Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloth with Bottle Cleaner Beads


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Product Overview

  • Riedel Microfiber Cleaning Cloth with Bottle Cleaner beads
  • Made from microfiber white, lint free fabric
  • Trimmed in a red burgundy border
  • Beads are made from stainless steel
  • Leaves glasses spotless and fingerprint free
  • Large, generous size
  • Protects hands and stemware
  • Beads remove dirt, residue, sediment and stains from inside decanters
  • Beads are reusable
  • Machine washable cloth


  • Polyester

Care Instructions

Machine washable cloth

Product Origin

  • China

Full Product Description

Dry your stemware with ease while using this large crystal cloth from Riedel. Made from microfiber, it features a white lint free fabric that is perfect for keeping your wine glass collection in top notch condition. It is appropriately trimmed in a beautiful, rich, burgundy red border with the logo strategically placed in the corner for optimum usage. The generous size allows for fabric protection for both hands while drying your stemware and avoiding messy fingerprints. The cloth can be used both dry or damp, and allows for a scratch free cleaning. Furthermore, the set also includes bottle cleaning beads made from stainless steel that remove all dirt, residue, sediment, and stains from inside decanters. Just fill the vessel half way up with water, add the beads, and swish around for two minutes. When you're done, carefully empty the contents into a mesh strainer, rinse the beads, dry them and use them again and again.

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