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Jura Z6 E8 Series Clearyl Smart Water Filter

Jura Z6 E8 Series Clearyl Smart Water Filter


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Product Overview

  • Jura Clearyl Smart Water Filter
  • Made for use with Jura Z6
  • Communicates with espresso machine
  • Filters out limescale, heavy metals, and other substances
  • Disposable


Use with Jura Z6

Product Origin

  • Switzerland

Full Product Description

Make sure you're espresso and coffee is perfect from the ground up with the CLEARYL Smart Water Filter; a revolution in water filtration. Coffee is 98 percent water, so make sure that water is the best it can be is imperative to any coffee lover. CLEARYL Smart always filters exactly the amount of water required for each preparation. Standing pre-filtered water is never left in the water tank, where it could quickly become unhygienic. As well as limescale, CLEARYL filters out heavy metals and substances that impair smell and taste, such as chlorine. Minerals that are important for health are retained in the water. The result: pure water for perfect specialty coffees.

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