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Become familiar with the different types of tea and the components that make them what they are with our complete tea glossary.

Product Description
Black Tea The most widely consumed tea in the world. In the USA over 90% of the tea we drink is this type. It's processed by oxidation and fermentation.
Blended Tea Various teas blended together. As many as 20 teas can be blended together to achieve a desired taste profile.
Broken Orange Pekoe A grade of dried tea. The larger the pieces the more valuable the tea.
Chai Tea An Indian Continental favorite made with black tea, spices, and steamed milk.
Fannings Smaller pieces of tea leaves that are graded for the broken orange pekoe.
Gram The universal measurement used when selling tea. Two grams is the standard measure to make one cup of tea.
Green Tea A tea that has undergone minimal processing. It has a milder taste and is popular in Japan and China.
Herbal Infusion Tea that is manufactured with NO TEA LEAVES!!! It is made from tree bark, seeds, grasses, fruit peels, berries, and flowers. It also contains no caffeine.
Orange Pekoe A large-sized tea leaf that is essentially intact after drying and sifting.
Tannin A prominent chemical in tea that creates its pungency and taste. Tannin is responsible for the "drying" effect in your mouth when consuming teas.
Tisane The European term for herbal infusion.


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