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Sprinkle kosher or table salt on your cutting board and then use a damp sponge or paper towel to rub the stained or discolored area. The salt will absorb stains, flavors, and odors.

For stubborn stains, try sanding down the area with a fine grit sand paper. It is very important to sand with the grain of the wood, never against the grain. This sanding process exposes a brand new wood work surface. Once sanding is complete, it is recommended to oil your cutting board with John Boos® Mystery Oil and/or Boos Block® Board Cream with Beeswax. This product protects the board and controls its moisture content, keeping it from drying out, cracking or splitting.


For garlic or onion odors, lemon or lime juice with a little salt will go a long way to reducing these odors. Sprinkle your Boos® cutting board with kosher or table salt. Cut a lemon or lime into quarters and use these quarters to rub the salt into the board, squeezing juice onto the board as you go. Let sit for 2-3 minutes and then wipe the cutting board clean with a damp cloth. Use a clean paper towel to remove excess water or let the board air dry by standing it on end.

Prolonging the Life of Board

It is extremely important to give your cutting board a good oiling on all surfaces every 3-4 weeks depending on your usage. Your Boos® cutting board shipped from the factory with a Boos Block® Cream Finish (with Beeswax) which protects and prolongs the life of your board. We recommend keeping the board oiled with John Boos Mystery Oil and Boos Block ® Cream with Beeswax. When the cutting board becomes dry and lighter in color, you know that the time has come to re-oil your board.

You can use Board Cream or Mystery Oil separately but is recommended to be used together for extra protection. The best way to describe it is to think of the Boos Block Mystery Oil as shampoo and Boos Block Board Cream as conditioner.

NOTE: Use only John Boos® Mystery Oil or Boos Block® Cream when oiling your cutting board. A quick alternative would be to use mineral oil only. DO NOT USE ANY TYPE OF COOKING OIL ON YOUR WOOD CUTTING BOARDS. THIS WILL DAMAGE YOUR BOARDS. With a minimum amount of care and maintenance, you can lengthen the life of your Boos® Board by many years.

Boos Block Mystery Oil is a food-grade oil and thinner product than the cream; it more easily absorbed and penetrates more deeply into the grain of the wood to help protect and revitalize it. When using the oil, it is recommended you apply a generous amount and let it sit overnight. After checking the result the following morning, add more oil if there are dry spots or for any other necessary reason.

Boos Block Board Cream contains a natural, unbleached beeswax and food-grade oil formula. Board Cream is a denser, thicker product than Mystery Oil, which gives a protective layer to the board against food and moisture. (good to apply before preparing fish and poultry). It helps keep the water out and oil in. Beeswax does not evaporate as quickly as oil. When using the cream, it is recommended you apply it directly onto the cutting board surface, massage it by hand into the grains and let it sit overnight. Then remove the excess with a paper towel.

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