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If you're ever in question of any of the terms used on our website when referring to coffee, or even when you go to your local coffee shop, you can find the meaning here. From proper terms, to slang, you too can be a coffee expert and get a better understanding of what makes a great cup. We've also provided the names of different types of coffee and some popular drinks.

Product Description
Americana A delicious cup of dark roast continental coffee.
Americana Latte A delicious dark roast continental coffee with just a touch of milk.
Arabica A type of bean from which specialty coffee comes. This bean is grown at high altitudes in tropical countries. It is also generally dark roasted and fuller flavored than other beans.
Aroma The smell of the gases released from brewed coffee.
Barista A person who makes espresso and specialty coffee drinks. A coffee bartender.
Body The thickness of a coffee, which ranges from thin to creamy.
Café Au Lait A dense mixture of steamed and frothed milk that is poured down the side of the cup containing a strong serving of rich espresso.
Café Mocha A decadent, rich hot chocolate mixed with a strong serving of espresso.
Cappuccino Rich espresso combined with a small amount of steamed milk and topped with a cloud of foamed milk. It is commonly made as 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, and 1/3 cappuccino foam. Normally, a steaming wand is used to heat and aerate (or froth) the milk.
Chocolate-Cocoa A decadent, rich hot chocolate that's whipped and capped with a thick layer of dense, creamy froth.
Crema The sweet tasting oily coating atop a properly brewed shot of espresso.
Cupping A method used by coffee buyers to test coffee. The "cupper" will assess the beans for proper appearance. The "cupper" then smells and tastes the brew.
Decaffeinated The removal of caffeine while the beans are raw. Methylene chloride, ethyl acetate, Swiss water, and French water are the four methods used to do this.
Double-Shot Espresso A double shot of espresso for those days when one shot is just not enough.
Double No Fun A latte made with two shots of decaffeinated espresso and non-fat milk.
Double Tall Skinny A 12-ounce latte made with non-fat milk and two shots of espresso.
Espresso The finest quality dark roast coffee. It produced a strong, flavor-filled, traditional espresso coffee. Espresso is made by quickly introducing very hot and steamy water into a special grind that produces a rich product. It can be made from any type coffee that has been ground correctly. A perfect shot consists of the "heart" (the dark brown base), the "body" (the billowy middle of the shot), and the "crema" (the caramel colored foam on top). It's usually made one shot, or about 1 ounce of water, at a time per 6 to 8 grams of ground beans.
Flavored Mocha A choice of delicious flavored regular or decaffeinated gourmet coffee with a non-dairy creamer.
Flavored Mocha with Milk A choice of delicious flavored regular or decaffeinated gourmet coffee with a non-dairy creamer and creamy frothed milk .
Frothed Milk Thick, velvety, foamy milk that's used before the foam and milk have had time to separate.
Grande A 16 ounce drink.
Grind The faster the brewing process, the finer the grind. Espresso is the finest grind.
Latte Espresso with steamed milk and topped with foamed milk. It contains much more milk than a cappuccino. Toppings can include nutmeg, cinnamon, chocolate syrup or flavored syrups.
Leaded A drink that contains caffeine.
Long Shot A shot of espresso that's made with more water than usual to produce a more diluted drink.
Lungo The Italian word for a long shot.
Mochaccino Frothed steamed milk, a serving of rich espresso, and a decadent, rich hot chocolate combined to make the ultimate espresso drink.
Roasting Converting the green beans to roasted beans at a temperature of 400 to 550 Fahrenheit in a process called pyrolysis.
Red Eye A shot of espresso in a cup of American style coffee.
Ristretto A shot of espresso made with less water than usual to produce a stronger brew. Also called a short shot.
Robusta The type of coffee bean from which most mass-produced coffees come from. It's higher yielding, less expensive to produce, and not as flavorful as arabica beans. Robusta also contains more caffeine than arabica.
Short An 8 ounce-drink.
Skinny An espresso drink made with non-fat milk.
Split Shot A shot of espresso made with half regular and half decaf.
Sweet Nothing A decaffeinated latte made with non-fat milk and artificial sweetener.
Tall A 12-ounce drink
Upside Down A drink in which the steamed milk and/or milk foam is added to the cup first and the espresso is poured afterwards.
Unleaded A drink without caffeine.


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