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The Importance of Measures for our Coffee and Tea Products

Do you ever wonder how products like teapots, coffee makers, tea cups, and coffee cups are measured? The answers to all of your questions are located below.

Most products that hold liquid use a "cup" measure, but what is a cup? The cup measure is not used except when you are baking or making a recipe! You are probably wondering why a US cup measure is not the standard, and the answer is multi fold:

First, liquids are never consumed by the cup. I know we all order a "cup" of coffee or tea in a restaurant, but what is the actual size of a cup of coffee? Well, if you are drinking what is termed "American Coffee" it is a six-ounce cup. We Americans leave space for cream, sugar, and stirring in our cups. If you use a European style coffee-maker like a French Press, then the cup is Euro size, which is four-ounces. A shot of espresso can be as small as one ounce or as large as two ounces. Do you drink tea? Much like coffee, tea is consumed in standard cups which are the equivalent of 5 to 6 ounces. This allows room for the tea bag or loose leaves, and for sugar and cream, of course.

Secondly, we were only founded in 1776. As a young country, we have acquired the art and enjoyment of coffee and tea consumption from foreign countries. These foreign lands perfected the art of coffee and tea consumption. To this day their standards are accepted in the USA as our standards. These standards are also used for everything from Mr. Coffee machines to Bodum and Bonjour French presses to teapots from all manufacturers.

This information is very helpful in selecting the proper coffee maker or teapot. To better understand these measures, use the following guide.

Product Measure Example
French Press 4 Ounce Cups 3 cups makes 12 ounces. Perfect for one mug of coffee. 8 cups makes 32 ounces of coffee, which is enough for 2 to 3 people
Espresso Maker 1 Ounce Cups 6 cups will make 6 ounces
American Coffee Machine 6 Ounce Cups An 8-cup machine will make approximately 48 ounces
Teapot 5 to 6 Ounce Cups A 6-cup teapot will hold 25 to 30 ounces


As you make certain you select the product best designed for your consumption patterns, you can now celebrate the traditions of other counties in the proportions you choose.

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